Chef Services

🖤 Meal Prep
During this unprecedented time, I have made my meal prep services available again for a few clients for Sunday night delivery. Please email for more details.


🖤 Take Home Chef
Want to impress someone with your cooking skills or simply want to learn how to be more efficient in the kitchen? Let me help you with private cooking lessons in your own home! From the very basics of knife skills to the more technical skills of dry + moist heat cookery, all the way to the art of plating food, the choice is yours!

🖤 Date Night-in
Have kids but still want to have a romantic night with your special someone? Have a restaurant quality meal prepared by me in the privacy of your own home. No need for a babysitter! Just relax with your loved one and enjoy a date night-in!

🖤 Special Event
Have a special occasion you’d like to celebrate with your loved ones but don’t want to cook?
Let me cook and serve you and your family/friends while you enjoy time with them over delicious food! The menu will be written based on seasonality and your preferences.

🖤 Bella’s Salad Bar
Want a healthy spread for your next family gathering or corporate event? Look no further!
Have me prepare your next salad bar inspired by the rainbow!

🖤 Recipe Developer
Have an idea but don’t know how to put it into fruition? Let me help you! As a professionally trained Chef,
I have been writing recipes almost all my life and now as a Holistic Nutritionist, I add in the nutrient value into each recipe that I create. With my help, you will save time running your own business while I do the creating, testing and writing for you!

*For a quote or to see if we’re the right fit, please email