The Beginning of the End

For the past two years I have been getting sick every 3 months. My sickness was usually the common cold alongside indigestion and headaches. I consistently burped, was always bloated and often had a tight chest. Doctors told me that there’s nothing wrong with me and it’s only inflammation in my chest due to the cold I had. That response never sat well with me, I knew something else was going on in my body but I couldn’t pinpoint the problem.

November 2013 came and I felt the same symptoms as above but worse! After suffering for about a week, I finally went to a new doctor. I was glad to find a doctor that could diagnose my problem. I was told I had gastritis which is an inflammation of the stomach lining. Spicy foods, gluten, dairy and stress can make it worse. I eventually found out that I had a sensitivity to both gluten and dairy. I was a bit sad at first as I loved bread, pasta, cream and desserts. I was so stubborn that I didn’t stop eating gluten or dairy. I figured it’s not an intolerance or an allergy so I was okay to go on eating whatever I wanted. I was in total denial.

Gluten Free ExpoOn January 25th, my sister and I went to the Gluten-Free Expo. I was so excited to try all the samples! There were gluten-free breads, pizzas, pastas, chips, cookies, power bars and muffins. You name it, it’s there and I ate them all! After an hour of consuming everything gluten-free, I felt sick to my stomach and was even more bloated than I was before. I then started wondering, is it gluten or is it the types of food that I’m consuming? Did it even matter if it was gluten-free?

I went on google search to see if anyone else had felt sick from consuming gluten-free products. A blog post by Gluten Dude explained why replacing the same food with a gluten-free label isn’t enough. After all, a cupcake is still a cupcake even in gluten-free form! He mentioned Whole30 somewhere down the line and it peaked my interest. The next thing I knew, I was convinced and wanted to try the Whole30 Challenge. 

Turkey ClubI planned a week in advance before trying out the Whole30. And of course, since I knew I wasn’t going to be consuming anything with gluten, sugar or dairy for a month, I kept eating everything I wasn’t allowed to prior to starting. I was still in denial at this point. The last straw was a Tim Hortons Turkey Bacon Club and Sour Cream and Onion Kettle Chips. I was really craving it that day and even ordered a 12-inch one to share with my sister. My sister was fine but I was not. 

Three hours after consuming the sandwich and the chips, I felt so ill. My chest was so tight that I could hardly breathe, my belly was so bloated that I looked pregnant and I felt like vomiting but I couldn’t. I also tried to sleep but wasn’t able to. After two more hours of suffering, I finally exploded. Let’s just say that everything I ate came out of both ends within a span of 5 minutes. The next day, I was bedridden. I felt very weak and had lost my appetite. I never want to feel that way ever again!

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Semisonic

I began my Whole30 journey on February 6th and it has changed my eating habits. I’m happy to say that I haven’t felt sick to my stomach since then! I am no longer bloated, I have more energy and rarely get headaches. On top of that, I lost weight without trying. This experience was the end of my unhealthy eating habits and the beginning of my new healthy balanced lifestyle. Ana Bella

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