Homemade Hemp Milk

When I first started trying to be healthy about 3 years ago, I tried to follow the Canada Food Guide because that’s all I knew about health. As most of you know, the food guide recommends 2 cups of milk per day for adults. I did just that and ended up being itchy with rashes.

I grew up with rashes so I thought that my body was just reacting to the heat I work with in the kitchen so I didn’t think much of it. I shared what was going on with me to my brother’s girlfriend at the time (now sadly his ex-girlfriend), and she asked me if I had changed my diet somehow. I didn’t clue in to the fact that my diet related with what was happening with my skin. Even though I knew food and loved eating, I was so disconnected as to how the food I was eating affected my overall health. 

This conversation with my brother’s ex-girlfriend made me look into my diet and was pretty much the start of my health journey. After that incident, I slowly cut out dairy from my diet (starting with milk) and the rash never came back. I now use healthy “milk” alternatives such as nut milks and hemp milk. I hope you enjoy this hemp milk as much as I do! 

Homemade Hemp Milk
Yields 1 cup
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  1. 1/4 cup hemp hearts
  2. 1 cup filtered water
  1. Place hemp hearts and water into a blender. Blend for 2-3 minutes or until water starts to resemble a milky texture. Place in a nut milk bag and squeeze the milk out or strain through with a cheesecloth.
  2. Drink right away and enjoy or add to oats, pancake or any recipe that needs milk.
  3. Store in a glass jar in the fridge. It will be good for 3 days.
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Bella’s Notes

  • Hemp seeds are high in protein and fiber and are rich in magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc. They contain all essential amino acids and are abundant in omega-3s and 6s.
  • You could discard the excess grounded hemp hearts after straining but I sometimes save it and add it to my pancakes.
  • The ratio for this hemp milk is 4:1 with filtered water:hemp hearts
  • It lasts for about three days so it is good to make small batches as needed
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