Spring Cleaning Brings Healing

SPRING, a time of purification, healing and rejuvenation.

It’s the best time of the year for cleansing and fasting. Spring cleaning can help lighten the body both mentally and physically from the heaviness that winter brings. Our bodies are smart machines that knows just what to do. In preparation for the change in season, our bodies may naturally begin cleansing itself from excess toxins (it could be anything from excess fats, salts, animal proteins and hydrogenated oils) and may show up in symptoms such as a cold, flu, body aches and pain.

A spring cleanse can be a great way to start eating clean and feeling good from the inside out. It can aid in better digestion, better concentration, more energy, improved immune system function, fewer allergy symptoms, good sleep, healthy skin, healthy weight management and an overall healing throughout the body.

HY cleanse if our liver detoxifies our bodies naturally?

Our liver has over 500 functions in the body. One of it’s responsibilities is to detoxify our bodies from toxins and wastes from the blood. There, it separates useful nutrients to synthesize hundreds of biochemicals that our body needs for daily functioning. In a perfect world, the liver is sufficient enough to cleanse our bodies; however, in today’s chemical-laden society, toxins tend to build-up in our bodies, making it essential to do a seasonal cleanse for the sake of our liver’s health!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Spring correlates with the liver and gall bladder meridians. Therefore, Spring is a great time to detoxify the liver. It is important to make sure that other parts of the body are also well supported in order to reduce experiencing constipation, digestive disturbances, respiratory congestions, headaches and other irritable symptoms. The process of detoxification includes drainage (releases toxins and other waste products from our organs to the rest of the body systems) and elimination (rids the body of waste products through our urine, feces, sweat, skin and lungs). 


“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”
Ann Wigmore

O you want to do some spring cleaning?

All you have to do is… 

Cut the CRAP
C – Caffeine, Carbonated drinks
R – Refined Sugars
A – Alcohol
P – Processed Foods, Preservatives

Eat more FOOD
F – Fruits and Veggies
– Organic Lean Protein
O – Omega-3 fatty acids
D – Drink Water

Depending on you, a spring cleanse or a cleanse at any time of the year that’s well suited for your body, can be as short as 3 days or as long as 21 days. For most individuals, 2 weeks is optimal. However long you decide to cleanse or whichever plan you choose, a fresh, natural, whole foods diet with a focus on organic, seasonal vegetables should always be the foundation. Make sure you consume good quality meats such as free range chickens, grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork that are free from antibiotics. And don’t forget to increase your liquid consumption (water, herbal teas, soups or broths).

Cleansing doesn’t have to be extreme. For some, you may have to eliminate all the CRAP all at once. For others, you may just have to reduce your daily intake of certain things such as alcohol and caffeine. However, it is beneficial to purely eliminate refined sugars and all processed foods as they are the most detrimental to our health and well-being. The best thing to do is live an 80/20 balanced lifestyle where you eat healthy most of the time and indulge once in a while.

Cutting the CRAP will bring forth healing as you fuel the body of nourishing organic foods. By doing so, you will be kind to your liver and in turn feel happier too!

Keep in mind that when starting a cleanse, you may feel worse before you feel better. This is because your body is in a withdrawal stage. For the first two to four days, you may feel worse but after the pain comes the gain! So don’t let a little pain stop you from feeling the best you can be!



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