De-Stress this Christmas

Christmas can be a joyous season filled with people you love and delicious food. However, family gatherings, party preparations, buying gifts and everything else that revolves around this time can cast a toll on your body physically, emotionally and mentally. The hustle and bustle of Christmas shouldn’t have to be stressful! Here are 11 Bella Life Tips to help you get through this holiday season with peace of mind. 🙂

Do Something You Love ♥
This is the first thing on the list because most people forget about themselves during the holidays. What is it that you enjoy doing? What makes you happy? It could be anything from walking your dog, to singing in the shower, dancing around the house, talking to your best friend, cooking your favourite food, swimming, drawing or even knitting. The important thing is finding time for yourself for even just 10-15 minutes a day to do something that you enjoy. 

Learn to Say NOIt's ok
The holiday season is already busy enough. Don’t feel guilty for saying no to invites or favours that your friends or family might ask of you. You can’t possibly do everything and you aren’t obligated to. Learning to say no can prevent you from experiencing anger and resentment towards others and can also reduce anxiety. Learn to set healthy boundaries for yourself and say no once in awhile. 

Organize Something
Organizing and/or cleaning your house, whether it be organizing your bookshelf, rearranging your furniture or just putting away laundry, will give you a sense of control when everything else feels like it’s out of your hands. A clean environment also helps with clearing out your mind; thus, helping to alleviate stress. 

Winter TreesTake a Walk in the Park
There’s just something about nature that brings calmness to the soul. Walk for 10-15 minutes in nature or at a park near you and it will help bring your body into a meditation state. If you don’t have nature around you, walking around the block can still help boost endorphins and clear your head. Fresh air is best when stressed. 

Work it Out
Exercising releases endorphins that makes you happy and gives you extra energy. It also helps blow off steam. Working out is always good any time of the year so get that body moving and get happy! It can be as simple as going for a walk, swimming, skating or even just dancing!

Eat Well
Boosting your Omega-3 fatty acids can help keep stress hormones at bay. They also help regulate adrenaline. Great sources of Omega-3s are flax, chia and hemp seeds, walnuts and fatty fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel. Supplement with Omega-3 Oils if you can’t get enough into your diet. Eating a well-balanced diet is good for all seasons. For Christmas, it’s okay to treat yourself to a sweet treat, just make sure you don’t over-do it. Balance is key!

Breathe Deeply & Fully
Breathing deeply through your nose activates the part of the parasympathetic nervous system that helps the body rest and restore itself. It also helps metabolize the body’s stress hormones. So take the time to breathe deeply and then smile. Life is too short not to take a moment to breathe in life and remember why it’s good be alive! 

Purposely Relax 
Make time to do something that relaxes you. It could be taking a hot bubble bath with essential oils, drinking tea while reading a book, sitting by the fireplace and reflecting on good times, snuggling with a loved one or whatever else floats your boat. Meditation can be another great way to relax. It can be as simple as closing your eyes and visualizing yourself in Hawaii or wherever your favourite place is. You could also lay down and listen to soothing music. It can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as an hour, it’s all up to you! If all else fails, treat yourself to a spa!

JournalMind Dump
If you like to journal, write about your day and release anything that is bothering you. Lay it all out on that paper and let go of all the things that is stressing you out. If you are scared that someone would find and read your thoughts, write it out on a piece of paper then rip it up and throw it out (in the recycling bin of course!). There’s a satisfaction that comes with ripping up paper. Try it out! Keeping things bottled up inside can cause more stress so just let it go! 

Kiss Under a Mistletoe
Studies show that kissing helps the brain release endorphins which relieves stress. You don’t necessarily have to kiss under a mistletoe but it sure makes it more festive! 

Santa and Bumble Bee
Cheer Up Buttercup! 
Lastly, get into the Holiday Spirit! Decorate the house, make a Christmas playlist and listen/dance to it, bake cookies, play in the snow, wrap presents, watch your favourite Christmas movie(s), go ice skating or do whatever it is that brings you into the Christmas spirit! 

from my family to yours 😉
 Ana Bella


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