Sweet Potato Salad

Sweet potato or yam? I find that most people, including myself, use these terms interchangeably. As I did a little research, it turns out that the two aren’t even related at all! The proper term for what we know as yams are actually sweet potato! The U.S. government tried to differentiate this sweet potato byRead more

Turkey Eggplant Roll

Like most kids, I never liked eating eggplants growing up. But as I fell in love with Italian cuisine, eggplant became one of my favourites. I enjoy eggplants the best when it is grilled and served with salsa verde. Eggplants or “aubergine,” as we call it in some kitchens, are part of the nightshade family and thereforeRead more

Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese

I remember making my very first Kraft dinner when I was 10 years old. I was very proud of myself and was so delighted eating it! Being Filipino, I grew up eating a lot of rice so when I came to Canada, I was very happy to try all types of pastas! I’ve always beenRead more