My Approach


Client Focused
It’s all about YOU! I want to know what you like to eat, what you love to do and how you live your day to day life so I can give you sound recommendations for your particular lifestyle. Together, we will create a nutrition plan that suits your unique individuality.

Holistically Healthy
As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I look at the body as a whole, meaning mind, body and spirit. Together, we will look at your life and integrate its physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to create a healthy balanced lifestyle that suits your day to day needs.

Addition by Subtraction
Eliminating or avoiding some things may sound daunting but we do so for a time being in order to enhance life. You may find that you feel great without that thing and continue to live without it. The purpose of this is to eventually crowd out the bad and add in more of the good. I never want you to feel deprived. If I ask you to avoid something, I will always suggest something else to replace it. I will also encourage the trial of new food, things and experiences if it is called for.

Nutritiously Delicious
As a Chef, I cannot compromise on taste. If you don’t like what you’re eating, you are never going to enjoy living a healthier lifestyle. Every recipe I suggest to you is written by me and is tested by The Bella Life Recipe Tester Team to ensure that each meal is exceptionally delicious and nutritious.

Gradual Change
I don’t believe in quick fixes. There is no such thing. Slow and steady wins the race and is also more maintainable. The faster the change, the faster we feel deprived and the faster we fall off the wagon. I don’t want that to happen to you so I always create packages that are at least 28 days long. As you make small changes everyday, it will eventually become part of your daily life and it will feel natural and not forced. That’s the goal!

Enjoyable Experience
I strive to make this an enjoyable experience as much as possible. It may not feel this way at first but give it some time and you’ll find that all your efforts are worth it after you see results; whether physically, mentally or emotionally, no matter how big or little the changes may be, they all eventually become one big enjoyable experience.

Spritually Whole
As a lover of Jesus, I provide Words of Encouragements (WOEs), prayer time and dream analysis for free. So if you also believe in the power of prayer and in the name of Jesus, I will give encouragements from the Word and prayer for healing and anything else that you need. It will all be based on the Bible. (This is only for those who want it. I do not force my beliefs on others).


“Just as a caterpillar takes its time to transform into a beautiful butterfly, so will you with my approach in guiding you towards your health journey.”

Ana Bella