Virtual Cooking Lessons

Chef Ana Bella now offers Virtual Cooking Lessons from the safety of your own home!

In each cooking lesson, she will walk you through each step: mise en place (prepping, cleaning, chopping), cooking and plating! She’ll show you how to save time in the kitchen and give you a few tips to make cooking life at home easier and more fun!

All you have to do alone is get the groceries and have them all laid out on your counter before the lesson.
Chef Ana Bella will have the same things ready so you can cook together virtually!

?Cook with Bella
A live virtual one-on-one private cooking lessons from the comforts of home.
– A Single Dish 
– Knife Skills
– Healthy Baking

? Date Night-in
Get dressed up and cook together with your loved one for a fun date night-in!
Chef Ana Bella will guide you step by step while cooking and the rest of the night is yours!

? Family Fun
Entertain yourselves and the kids while you bond and cook together in the kitchen!
There’s nothing more satisfying than eating a meal together that you created yourselves!

Up to 4 Guests Allowed

? Meal Prep for the Week
In this 3-hour class, learn the art of batch cooking with Chef Ana Bella.
Make enough meals so you only have to cook once for 5 days!

Prices vary depending on menu choice and number of students. Prices start from $75 per lesson.
Please email to book!